August 19, 2014

Etsy Stories: the Fox and the Spoon

This week I'm shining the spotlight on Etsy and I have blog interviews lined up with two creative Sydney-based Etsy shop owners.
Etsy is a vibrant community.  I myself, am thrilled to be part of the fun and it sure has helped me to express and nurture my creativity.  I'm also a keen Etsy buyer and it's always my first stop when Im looking for gifts and unique items.
There are so many wonderful items on Etsy!

First off we have Maria from the beautifully curated shop 'The fox and the spoon' which sells rustic vintage decor, kitchenalia and props for events, styling and the home.
Hi Maria!
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I grew up in the seaside town of Kiama. It was very small when I was little. The main shopping centre was closed on Sundays and you couldn’t buy bread on the weekends – that sort of thing; but it was a very beautiful place to grow up and I was free to go and play outside all day.
My family owned a small Motel there so I learnt about customer service from a very young age. That’s what I enjoy now most about my shop, talking with my lovely customers and just making sure they have a positive experience through my shop and of course, Etsy.

When did you discover Etsy? 
Early 2010. I hadn’t heard of Etsy before but a girlfriend mentioned it to me as a place to start selling my vintage wares. I remember I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was so beautiful and there were so many shops! I still love getting lost in Etsy!

What inspired you to start selling on Etsy ?
I’ve always loved old things – collecting them, displaying them, using them and of course giving them away as gifts. When I decided not to return to work after our 2nd child was born luckily a very good friend told me we should open an Etsy shop together .
Even though she never joined me because of her work commitments she has been such a huge part of my experience on Etsy and our conversations about our vintage finds (and baking!) continually inspire me.

What is the meaning behind your Shop name? 
Her surname is Fox which is such a cool name but my surname is not as exciting. We were in her kitchen trying to think of something that would go with, “the fox” and her husband says, “and the spoon!” I love to cook so it just seemed to fit.

When you initially launched your Etsy shop, did you ever think that you'd be able to make a living selling your beautiful vintage finds?
I had not had an online shop before and I was worried that my photos or my descriptions would not be good enough for selling them to someone who can’t reach out and touch the item.
I don’t know what I was so worried about - people who love vintage are lovely! I thank all of my customers, people who add me or one of my pieces to their favourites or people like yourself who include me in their blogs, magazines, websites and treasuries.
All of these lovely people give me the spirit to keep pursuing this beautiful dream.

Why does the Etsy marketplace work for you? 
I think people visit Etsy for a visual feast. They like to come here for ideas, inspiration and to find that individual piece. You may have someone looking for inspiration for their wedding. They can visit Etsy and see donuts sitting in birch holders or vintage chalkboards used as menus or even personalised laser-cut cake toppers. No matter what you trade on Etsy, we all seem to fit together into this cohesive circle of individual retailers which is a thrill to be part of.

How has the freedom of having your own Etsy Shop impacted your lifestyle? 
When I returned to work when our first child was 9 months old I felt nothing but guilt.
When I was due to return after our 2nd child was born I knew I couldn’t go through leaving another child at daycare all day. Running my shop has given me something to really strive for and make my own but being there for my children has been priceless.
I can work during the day while they are at School and then pick them up in the afternoons and meet friends at the park or take them to an after school activity or even help out in reading groups . I think we are all so much happier now that we have time for each other and Etsy has allowed me that freedom.

Thanks so much Maria!
To see Maria's stunning shop and current listings head on over to 'The Fox and the Spoon'  

If you are a creative maker, a creator or like Maria, have a passion for unique Vintage, then the Etsy Marketplace might be perfect for you!
Its so easy to open an Etsy shop and right now Etsy are offering 20 free listings for any new shop
head on over to the Etsy Promotions page and use my special code AnastasiaEDA to get started!

August 15, 2014

my Etsy picks of the Week

Happy Friday!
I'm home today.  There is no place I'd rather be, the sun is shining outside, I have all the windows open and the cool breeze is just wonderful.  Lots of laundry has been done, and I'm planning to bake a cake real soon...its one of those days where I can potter about and not feel rushed.
Here are my Etsy picks of the week - Stellar quality...
I'm really loving these beautiful intense, vivid blue finds...
Grouped together, blue has a deep mystical feel...Celestial wonder...

Top image
Nicole Bentley for
Marie Claire Australia
* Blue Agate Coasters by VagabondQueen *
Aqua Aura quartz Crystals by iLoveLotus  * Save the date double sided Card by HooplaLove * Golden Blue paper bowl  by Djaliforyou *
Goldstone sterling silver ring by noblegnome *
Planet necklace by

August 13, 2014

Lauren Bacall 1924-2014

'Imagination is the highest kite one can fly'
- Lauren Bacall

*image of Lauren Bacall and her daughter
 Leslie Bogart via

August 8, 2014

denim on denim on denim....

It doesn't look like the
denim on denim trend is going anywhere..
do you like it?
...or are you thinking ...lets leave this for the cowboys of this world and move on already...

Blue Denim is perfect for any season - its a classic wardrobe staple but denim on denim outfits take a little more thought - especially as you want to avoid a dorky 'got it wrong' moment.
Mix up the blue shades, the textures - go fitted and refined for a chic pulled together look or slouch and soft for a relaxed, carefree look!
Either way it'll look gorgeous!
Denim on Denim actually smells like Summer to me - maybe I'm just hanging out for warmer days...
Have a wonderful weekend peeps!


August 4, 2014

Sunday stories...

I love carefree Sundays where there are no plans and we can just enjoy the day as a family ...after stumbling out of bed very early in the morning for Peter's soccer game (winners! Semi Finals next week!!) we headed to Rosebery for lunch at 'Kitchen By Mike'...lunch is served exactly at 12.00pm and we stumbled in at a perfect time because within 15 minutes there was a long queue and the place was bustling with people and activity!
I love it there...the food is excellent, its has a wonderful casual feel which I think people are embracing these days they make great coffee! Yes!
on the way out we did a quick walk through Koskela, I stopped by the huge table of books, eyed these lovely planters and swooned over the rugs and kilims...

next stop was a long walk in favourite Sydney beach suburb!  so good to stretch the legs, let the boys run around...
we noticed the
'Coogee Pavillion' has been taken over by the Merivale group so we popped in for a quick peek - Wow! it looks amazing - what a tranformation!
There are so many interior details that are so very cool and a whole section devoted to the little ones (so parents can eat in peace?!)
Cant wait to try it out for lunch sometime...

July 29, 2014

its so Pinteresting...

Todays post is so 'Pinteresting'...okay, that's not a real word but 'Pinterest' is my go-to place where I can get lost in visual beauty and not have to deal with anything else.
I needed to surround myself with goodness today, I had a coffee and lovely (comforting) chat with my sister this morning, I even bought myself some fresh flowers during my brief trip to the shops - an instant pick me up, plus they make my house cheerful too.
..I had a difficult meeting with my boss yesterday afternoon that left my soul a little bruised and whilst I not going to wallow in misery about it, (my rebellious streak says 'gahhh screw it!!') instead I did some reflecting - about whats important to me and not just whats expected of me...
le sigh..breath out...tomorrow is another day

What's caught my eye on Pinterest lately...
1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 *

July 21, 2014

Shibori techniques on paper....

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique using binding, pleating, folding as well as rubber bands, clamps, wood and rocks (?) to create beautiful patterns.
It seems to be everywhere lately ... a follow up from the recent trend, Ikat, maybe?
its been used on home-wares, bed linen, clothes, tote bags...I love it in a beautiful intense indigo blue, its a little more refined than the drippy 70s tie-dye technique but just as cool!
I thought the DIY instructions looked easy enough but decided to give it a go on paper (as you do?..) I had some cotton paper at home and I also tried it on canvas paper and traditional water colour paper.

...paper is not cloth and I tried hard to get some crisp folds. My paper was quite thick and the elastic bands hard to keep on ( I used the boys loom bands haha...not strong enough) it was all for fun anyway, a bit of experimenting on a quiet afternoon so nothing serious and I managed to get some interesting patterns that I've added to my inspiration journal...

I noticed there's a Saturday Shibori workshop near by - think I might join in?