July 29, 2014

its so Pinteresting...

Todays post is so 'Pinteresting'...okay, that's not a real word but 'Pinterest' is my go-to place where I can get lost in visual beauty and not have to deal with anything else.
I needed to surround myself with goodness today, I had a coffee and lovely (comforting) chat with my sister this morning, I even bought myself some fresh flowers during my brief trip to the shops - an instant pick me up, plus they make my house cheerful too.
..I had a difficult meeting with my boss yesterday afternoon that left my soul a little bruised and whilst I not going to wallow in misery about it, (my rebellious streak says 'gahhh screw it!!') instead I did some reflecting - about whats important to me and not just whats expected of me...
le sigh..breath out...tomorrow is another day

What's caught my eye on Pinterest lately...
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July 21, 2014

Shibori techniques on paper....

Shibori is a Japanese dyeing technique using binding, pleating, folding as well as rubber bands, clamps, wood and rocks (?) to create beautiful patterns.
It seems to be everywhere lately ... a follow up from the recent trend, Ikat, maybe?
its been used on home-wares, bed linen, clothes, tote bags...I love it in a beautiful intense indigo blue, its a little more refined than the drippy 70s tie-dye technique but just as cool!
I thought the DIY instructions looked easy enough but decided to give it a go on paper (as you do?..) I had some cotton paper at home and I also tried it on canvas paper and traditional water colour paper.

...paper is not cloth and I tried hard to get some crisp folds. My paper was quite thick and the elastic bands hard to keep on ( I used the boys loom bands haha...not strong enough) it was all for fun anyway, a bit of experimenting on a quiet afternoon so nothing serious and I managed to get some interesting patterns that I've added to my inspiration journal...

I noticed there's a Saturday Shibori workshop near by - think I might join in?

July 16, 2014

...in the thick of it..

baby its cold outside....
sure is!
its been freezing lately!

I do love Winter but hate that it takes me forever to adjust and climatise until I can finally feel warm and comfortable...and then its probably time to head outside again.
...it doesn't even snow in Sydney, imagine having that Winter element to deal with everyday...

Some lovely Winter looks for inspiration...
layers of warmth,
wool, booties...coats, jackets and knits...beautiful!

images via
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July 15, 2014

Brunch at 'The Grounds'

Hoorah! School holidays are over, my boys went back today and so life gets back to normal for all of us...big smiles here!
The past week was crazy busy, we had Year End Financials to prepare and it was super hectic in the office with our team working way past home time to meet deadlines.
On top of all the work angst, I had that mother-guilt going on, as I felt SO bad that the boys were home and I hardly spent time with them.
Phew! that's all over...   done and dusted (for another year at least) a few more reports need to be prepared but at least I wont be a stress-head this week!

Today I went out for brunch with my sister in law and a cousin who is visiting from Cyprus.
We headed to 'The Grounds of Alexandria' ...I've been there a few times before and know how busy it can get so I did have a plan B in mind just in case...
surprisingly, we got a table straight away although it was jam packed with people (Tuesday at 10.30am? ...do people not work? ha!)

I ordered up big time because I wasn't planning to eat again until late tonight...my breakfast burger was so filling and delicious ...the food is always so tasty.
 'The Grounds' is such a unique place to hang out - a coffee roaster, cafe and kitchen garden - I love it there...oh yeah the coffee is really good too so that's an added bonus - tops!!

I took some pics with my mobile phone so they're a little hazy but those pastries looked so wickedly good...and fresh baked bread for sale...
outside there are blooms for sale, a pig and a couple of baby goats (cute! but where were the chickens?)
and in the evening you can try the 'Potting Shed' on the same grounds...
its all happening in Alexandria...!

* images by me

July 7, 2014

...a Great.ly Winner

Last week I was super lucky to be one of the winners of Mel’s  giveaway,  a generous $100 voucher to spend in her Great.ly shop Wow!! ...so lucky indeed...
Mel was celebrating her two year blog birthday and also her new online shop.
It was hard to choose as everything is so lovely!
Mel has exquisite taste...and her shop is curated beautifully.
This is what I decided on.
a darling black and white pot planter and two adorable dotty vessels - I couldn't decide on which one to get so I got both the black dots and the mint dots!
So something for my house - I was tempted to get this scarf but decided on the home-wares instead...big thanks Mel, love them!

Have you seen bloggers posting about their Great.ly shops recently?
It’s a great new website that has Tastemakers (shop owners) and Makers (creative brands/individuals)
Its the most perfect collaboration to promote beautiful, unique goodies for all of us worldwide.

June 30, 2014

a minute in June

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you ALL had an awesome weekend – ours was super busy catching up with friends over dinner, visiting my sweet God-daughter for her 9th birthday and celebrating with our friends yesterday as their boy turned 11.
I also tackled my house chores - nothing new there, it needs to be done!
Andrew and I took turns driving the boys to their soccer games, swimming lessons and Greek dancing class.
Thank goodness I didn’t need to cook but hey! I baked a couple of cakes...and I still managed to relax a little ( just a little)
Life’s been busy...Busy is good!

So here's a little snap shot of June...
Eating / I've been doing  'I quit Sugar'  so I start the day with warm oats for breakfast and I can still have my morning cappucino (yay!).  It does require lots of preparing fresh home cooked meals. Tonight I'm having ministrone soup.
This past weekend, all my healthy meal planning went out the window as there was lots of catching up with friends over yummy food.  Back to normal now.
Reading / I'm reading 'Archangel'  by Maria Menico Sifniades, who is my mum's first cousin ( we are so proud of you Maria!).
I'm also reading 'Afternoons in Ithaka'  a memoir with lovely stories and recipes by
Spiri Tsintziras, an Australian Greek girl living in Melbourne.
Wearing / Lots of warm layers - Its getting chilly peeps!  I've also worn my new gray booties twice now - so painful! Why do we have to break into new shoes and boots?...frustrating that there is no comfort in a pair of new shoes...
Watching / Feeling sad that Game of Thrones, season 4,  came and went SO fast, we are going to have with-drawl symptoms until next year and Monday nights will not be the same!  ha! I am however enjoying 'Fargo' TV series - its so quirky!
There's also a film I'm keen to see -  'Yves Saint Laurent' -  its received mixed reviews but that doesn't put me off!
Wanting / more time in the day. I can never seem to get what I want done!  Ughhh!
Creating / I have a list of things I need to finish - including an online course that ended over a month ago - (see above - need more spare time!) guess that's the problem with 'work at your own pace'...Im slow!
I did manage to find some time to update my Inspiration Art journal.
I actually spotted this article online 'When roller skating ruled the Bay area' ...and thought hey yeah - why is no one roller skating anymore?
I loved my roller skates as a young girl,  with lots and lots of practice I got very good at it -pure freedom!


June 23, 2014

Etsy picks of the Week - potting shed

I love this photo that I had saved from UK Vogue ages ago - the potting room full of life...green life! what a great room - the perfect place to get your hands dirty then stop for a cup of tea or two...
Enjoy my Etsy picks of the week...

Top image: Carter Smith
Etsy Finds:
Vintage Green Dish from Giromondo Vintage * Botanical illustrations by Hamutelet * Herb Sticker decals by Zesty Graphics  *
300gram Linen  from YarnStories * Prettiest flower photographic print by InMost Light * Vintage tea cups from NancysTeaShop